“Milk Texturing and Coffee Art” Course



Course name

“Milk Texturing and Coffee Art” Course - $90

Who should attend?

Would you like to:

 - improve your milk texturing skills?

-                      learn how to pour all types of coffee

-                      impress your friends or colleagues with beautiful latte art?

If you wish to spend more time mastering latte art, pouring coffees and perfecting your coffee presentation skills, then this course is for you

It is recommended that you have either previously completed our 4-hour Home Barista Course, or have some industry experience.

What will you learn?


You will learn and practice advanced milk texturing and pouring techniques to achieve


professional standards in coffee


You will also learn how to deliver those artistic finishing touches to your espresso service. Impress your friends, family and your customers with your style and creativity. The designs our Barista will show you will blow you away! Various designs will be shown and after some basic instruction you will be able to create some incredible latte designs. The  Free pouring’ technique is also demonstrated so that you can see how this highly technical process is performed.

This is a fun and hands on session. 

Practical Experience

At least 2 hours of your time will be spent working on the machine.  

Course Notes

Course notes will be provided.


Certificate On Completion

You will receive a personalised Certificate detailing what you’ve learned.

Our Guarantee

If you don’t believe you have gained value from this course, or improved your coffee making skills, we will refund your course fees in full, and contribute $30 for you to complete a competitor’s course.




For all future class dates, please see HERE


2-hour sessions

Class size

Max 6 people


Home Barista Institute Australia, Phone: 1300-462633

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