Coffee Beans

  There are 4 different coffee beans you can choose from us. They are all 100%organic Arabica beans.


House Blend:    If you like a good strong morning coffee to get you  going this is it! Great for milk-based  coffees; strong to taste, smooth, well-balanced coffee leaving a hint of caramel taste; single origin  from  Peru, 100% organic Arabica beans certified by “Rainforest Alliance”.

1kg $35

500gm $22

250gm $12


Boutique Blend: Our latest blend to cater for these double shot coffee drinkers! We’ve searched the earth and experimented with our coffee roaster for weeks to come up with this new blend that give you that full bodied and bolder taste. The blend is made of: Organic Rain Forest Alliance “Brazil, Ethiopian, Sumatran and Peru/Honduras. It is 100% organic Arabica beans and certified by “Rainforest Alliance”.
1kg $35
500gm $22
250gm $12


Espresso Blend: It is perfect for black coffee drinkers like espresso, ristretto and long black. Roasted dark to produce a rich, full bodies coffee. You can take it home in 500gm bags at $23.


Decaf Beans: 100% Certified Organic: Available in 500gm for $23.

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 Ever wondered if there is a coffee that tastes great, good  for  farmers and helps save the environment? If there is, is it organic  coffee? Arabica beans? Fair trade? The answer is YES and all of the above! Its all in the beans and where they come from. The Beans are called "Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee".


  What is Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee?


  Rainforest Alliance” Certified coffee is grown on farms where forests, rivers, soils are protected and wildlife conserved. All workers are treated like you and me would be treated at work. They are respected, paid decent wages,properly equipped and given access to education and medical care. When we see the green “Rainforest Alliance” seal we can be sure that the farms have met demanding social and environmental standards, and are on a path towards true sustainability.


 Why buy Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee?


 By buying Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees we can do our bit to  help in:

  • Improving the livelihood for farm families

  • Assisting in better trading practices

  • Conserving wildlife and rainforest habitats

 Rainforest Alliance Organic Coffee:

  • Excellent coffee

  • Benefits farmers

  • Conserves wildlife

  • Good for earth

 So support us as we support them!


Fair Trade OR Rainforest Alliance?

 Products that bear the Fair trade logo guarantee the  product has been produced, traded, processed and retailed fair. It does this by paying farmers and workers a fair price for their work.


 Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organisation which:

  • helps farmers
  • conserves wildlife & rainforest habitats
  • protects farm workers
  • gives consumers an easy and tasty way to contribute to eco-friendly farming.

 For more info on Rainforest Alliance beans, check web

 Can Coffee Drinkers Really Help to Save  Our Planet?


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