Now YOU can impress your friends and family by creating authentic coffee that will make them think you’ve got an Italian Café in your kitchen…

So YOU want to impress your friends and family with your great coffee making skills, do you?

Attend this course and they'll think you own an Italian Café…

Who Should Attend this course?

-           Do you love coffee and want to learn how to make coffee like a professional?

-           Do you have an espresso machine at your home or office gathering dust in your cupboard?

-           Are you considering buying or upgrading and want to make the best decision?


If you have said yes to any of the above, then this course is for you. You too can learn the art and skills of making great coffee at home.


Here's your 7 Tips on Perfect Coffee at home:


A perfect espresso should have the following features:

  •  It should have good body. If you hold a glass up to the light, you should not be able to see the light through the glass.
  •   It should have a thick rich caramel coloured crema on top. The crema should be uniform in colour and support sugar before falling through. If you stir it, it should re-form quickly.
  • It should have a good aroma and smell
  • It should be between 25-30mls in volume and should be extracted in 25-30 seconds. The extraction should look like “mouse tails” as it pours from the spouts.
  • It should have a strong balanced taste.
  • When you knock out the coffee cake it should hold together and resemble a chocolate biscuit. This is a good indication of whether you have the correct grind, dose or tamp. If the coffee cake is wet and sloppy the grind may be too coarse, tamped too lightly or dosed too small.
  • If you drink milk-base coffee such as a latte or a cappuccino, your coffee texture should be creamy and smooth. This indicates you have the correct milk texture.

You will learn how to make the perfect coffee as described above, as well as following in the course:

  •  Learn some history of coffee; How coffee is grown, blended and roasted
  • Learn how a good coffee should look, smell and taste;
  • Experience some great and bad coffee examples
  • Learn to achieve a perfect extraction. Under extract is too weak/watery/sour, over extract means burnt/bitter coffee
  • Why is milk so important?
  • What is the right milk temperature?
  • How to texture silky creamy milk?
  • What are the different types of coffee served in a cafe like a latte, cappuccino, long black, macchiano?
  • How to make these coffees?
  • How the machine works and how to do basic maintenance tasks such as grind setting, dose setting and grind adjustment
  • Practise on the coffee machine


You will gain more value from our course because:


·               Our small class size. Each class is limited to max 5 people so your instructor can provide individual attention

·               It’s a hands-on and fun workshop. We believe you learn more when you have fun at the same time.

·               Includes a FREE Home Barista DVD valued at $35

·               Lifetime phone and email support

·               Coffee & milk supplied

·               A Home Barista Certificate will be issued on completion


Bonus rebate: Buy any coffee machine package (machine & grinder) within 6 months of completing this course, you will receive $150 rebate off your machine price! This makes your coffee class FREE!


Here's what our students said about this course:

"Just thought I'd tell you how I was going now that I could apply the knowledge to my new machine back at home. I must say, I have been pulling the best shots that I have ever seen come out of my gaggia. Absolutely amazing. I have lots of crema and the taste is awesome compared to what I was producing before. I thought that before I did the course it must have been an issue with the machine, but when I got home I had a play around with my grinder, I bought one of your lovely stainless steel tampers and with a bit of practice around the shots poured beautifully.


I'm absolutely stoked with the results, who would have thought a few hours could make such a difference to the coffee I make. Thankyou!

... James Walker. Adelaide"

Thank you for the lovely coffee class running on Thursday evening. Eventually I could make a nice, silky, smooth, creamy and shiny milk at the course, after two years of failing trials at home! Many thanks to Ricky, who always pushes us to do the best (and I won't forget how you always teased me about 'frothing'. That's fun). Today I showed my certificate off to my mother and sister-in-laws, and two friends from Indonesia (the ones who are interested to buy a coffee machine and do the course as well). We had a nice lunch at my place and finished it up by having my different-in-look lattes..! It was great.  ...Yulitta W. Owen, North Melbourne, Victoria

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This is a 4-hour course giving you plenty of hands on practice on coffee machine.


When:  Saturdays 10am - 2pm. Level 20, 41 Exhibition St, Melbourne.

For all future class dates, please see HERE

Booking fee: $150 per person.

Credit card payment ($150) can be accepted over the phone.

Home Barista Course makes the perfect gift for someone who loves coffee. Simply purchase a gift voucher and we will send it out.

You might still have some questions and that’s fine. So here’s many of the most Frequently Asked Questions here for you.


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