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 Do you have a cafe or a coffee shop? Would you like to know how to Increase your coffee sales by 50% & have an extra $50,000 in your pocket… in 12 months! 

Chinese couple John & Cecil have a sandwich bar in an industrial area in Cheltenham. They have been very successful in improving their food sales in the last 6 years but they were only selling around 1 kilo coffee per week (only about 20 cups a day). After attending our Coffee Making course in June 2006, they purchased a new 2-group coffee machine and grinder and started to promote their new and  improved coffee skills. By December 2006, they were selling 5 kilos coffee per week (that’s 100 cups  per day!) - that’s an amazing 400% increase! As a result, their food takings have increase as well. They told me (secretly!) that their business value increased over $100,000 in 6 months

Pretty impressive results aren't they? You can do it too. Request a FREE Report here on How to Improve Coffee Making skills for your Cafe/Coffee Shop and make an extra $50,000 this year

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Here are the reasons why you should buy from us:

- FREE on-site installation 
- FREE Professional Barista training (3-hour) valued at $500. Melbourne metro. Not from Melbourne? Ring us on 1300-Go-Coffee (1300-462633) to find out how we may still help you!
- A FREE "Coffee making" DVD valued at $55
- FREE lifetime support by phone and email
- wholesale coffee supply,
- FREE coffee delivery on min. 5 kilo order Melbourne metro.

Coffee machine packages for Cafe/Coffee Shop/Restaurant  


2 Group Expobar Elegance Compact 

suitable for small cafes, clubs, bakeries, chicken shops, fish & chips shop and milk bars. Ideal for coffees between 50 to 200 cups a day. Its compact size means you can save space on your bench/counter. Retail at $4400 (or take up rental option at around $10 per day and save cash) with bonus benefit of FREE on-site installation and FREE Professional Barista training (3-hour) valued at $500. A FREE "Home Barista" DVD valued at $35 is also included in your investment.


machine_g10-three group

Commercial 2, 3, or 4 group machines

Fully automatic machine. Touchpads with micro-processor for each group. Option of 4 different doses per group. Available in 2, 3, or 4 groups.

2 Groups: $5280 (rent for appx $14 per day, only 5 coffees per day to get your investment back), suitable for cafes making 50 to 200 coffees per day

3 & 4 groups: suitable for busy cafes making 200+ coffees a day, please ring 1300 462633 or email us for prices.


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