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Coffee Quiz    

Coffee Quiz- How much do you know about coffee?

1 Where do coffee beans come from?
a) a plant b) a tree c) a jar

2 When was coffee discovered?
a) 13th century b) 3AD c) 9th century

3 Which coffee bean contains more caffeine?
a) Robusta b)Arabica

4 When was the first espresso machine invented?
a) 1721 b) 1956 c) 1602 d) 1903

5 How do you keep your coffee beans fresh?
a) in air tight container b) in the freezer c) in the oven

6 What is a tamper used for?
a) cooking pastries b) printing c) painting d) coffee

7 What temperature should the milk be heated to?
a) 82°C b) 85°C c) 65°C d) 75°C

8 How many coffees can you make out of 1 kg of beans?
a) 45 – 55 b)130 – 145 c) 90 – 100 d) 150 – 167

9. Is coffee?
a) a fruit b) a vegetable c) a plant d) a flower

10. How much caffeine is there in an instant coffee compared with an espresso?
a) same b) half caffeine c) 4 times more d) 2 times more

11. If your coffee tastes bitter, it is because of
a) bad water and bad Karma b) the grind is too fine c) stale coffee

12. What colour is coffee before its roasted to brown?
a) pink b) yellow c)green d) brown

And here are the answers!
1a – 2b – 3a – 4d – 5a – 6d – 7c – 8C – 9a – 10c – 11b - 12c

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Coffee Facts

    Coffee is the world’s most popular beverage. More than 400 billion cups are consumed each year. It is a world commodity that is second only to oil. There are only 2 types of coffee for commercial use: Arabica & Robusta. Arabica is high in acidity and low in caffeine. It produces a mild, smooth tasting coffee with perfumed aroma. Robusta is low in acidity and caffeine is high, producing a strong, bitter coffee with little aroma. Robusta beans are mainly used in cheaper instant coffee market.

Raw coffee beans are green in colour and not brown. After coffee beans have been roasted, they turn into chocolate brown colour.

Did you Know...?

“Barista”  is an Italian term for a professional espresso coffee maker. In Italy, it takes 4 years to become a barista. Baristas don’t make coffee, they “Create It”. Combining skilled craftsmanship, experience, passion and that special extra something, baristas make espresso that makes other coffees blush.

In 1453, Turkish law makes it legal for a woman to divorce her husband if he fails to provide her with her daily quota for coffee.

In the last three centuries, 90% of all people living in the Western world have switched from tea to coffee.

Coffee was originally used as a medicinal wonder cure.  

Caffeine has been linked to lowered risk of Parkinson’s disease, cancer and bowel conditions.


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