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Students Feedback

What our students Have to say:

I attended the Home Barista course and found the course was conducted professionally, very informative and very practical as compared to the similar course that I have attended in TAFE last year. The instructor is very knowledgeable, experienced and helpful in answering any queries. I am now able to differentiate what is good and bad coffee and have the skills to make a cup of good aroma coffee. The free additional 2 hours practice is very helpful. 

.... Richard Leong, Jolimont Rd, Vermont, Melbourne  

We really enjoyed the class and found Ricky (the trainer) to be totally amazing, helpful and a wealth of knowledge.  We really appreciated Ricky staying 'back' to set up the grinder we purchased.  The grinder is going great !! Again thanks for all of your help in setting up the gift certificate for Max's birthday.
...Wendi McPoyle, Alexandria, Victoria


     James Walker,Adelaide, June 2006

Just thought I'd tell you how I was going now that I could apply the knowledge to my new machine back at home. I must say, I have been pulling the best shots that I have ever seen come out of my gaggia. Absolutely amazing. I have lots of crema and the taste is awesome compared to what I was producing before. I thought that before I did the course it must have been an issue with the machine, but when I got home I had a play around with my grinder, I bought one of your lovely stainless steel tampers and with a bit of practice around the shots poured beautifully.

I'm absolutely stoked with the results, who would have thought a few hours could make such a difference to the coffee I make. Thankyou!

  ,,, James Walker. Adelaide, June 2006

 ...Renee E. Boyle,

Thank-you so much for sharing your wonderful knowledge of coffee. I can’t believe how much there is to know. Even with the small amount I now know I feel like a professional coffee connoisseur! You have a wonderful business and it was lovely to see how passionate you are about it.                  ...Renee E. Boyle, Melbourne


Hi Guys, My future son-in-law and I visited your very impressive premises on your latest coffee-info-day, while I was visiting Melbourne. I was so impressed that even though your display and info-day was over that you took the time to invite us in and show us around. The beans you so generously gave me are just to my liking and are presently being greatly enjoyed by all.

 When next we are in your fair city we will most definitely plan our visit to coincide with one of your workshops as even though I have owned my Isomac for a couple of years, I know I still have heaps to learn.

 Thanks for your latest newsletter and again many many thanks for your hospitality.

Kind regards, Roger Thompson – Marlborough, New Zealand, Monday, November 13, 2006 7:28 PM


Thank you for the lovely coffee class running on Thursday evening. Eventually I could make a nice, silky, smooth, creamy and shiny milk at the course, after two years of failing trials at home! Many thanks to Ricky, who always pushes us to do the best (and I won't forget how you always teased me about 'frothing'. That's fun). Today I showed my certificate off to my mother and sister-in-laws, and two friends from Indonesia (the ones who are interested to buy a coffee machine and do the course as well). We had a nice lunch at my place and finished it up by having my different-in-look lattes..! It was great.

...Yulitta W. Owen, North Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA, 24 Nov 2006.

Just a note to thank you for your time and enthusiasm this past Sunday. I was absolutely riveted all day, and can't believe how much I learnt, and how simple it all is. I will come back soon to take advantage of the further 2 hours of practice, and I have promised my mother and wife to bring them in to buy them a coffee so they can see what real coffee is like.

...Byron Wilding, 14/9/2006

I’ve learned so much about the grinding and tamping and how much the operator and the extracting timing can influence a coffee. Thank you so much. It was such an enlightening and interesting session. I will become even more of a coffee snob now!

...Chris Marsh, Melbourne, July 2005

I found the extraction time and milk texturing most interesting. I would refer others to the course because the excellent transfer of knowledge by enthusiastic instructor – patient communicator who ensures everyone has a turn. The limited class size makes the course much better than the other coffee course I attended.        ...Alan Coleman, Melbourne.

I wanted to thankyou again for the course, my coffee making skills had improved tremendously. My daughter loves the hot chocolates...Gary Vassallo, July 2005, Melbourne

Thank you Rick and Rita. The course was astounding. I knew nothing in the beginning. Now I know something. The course is an ignorance killer. I now have the knowledge to be a discerning coffee appreciator.


I will gladly recommend the commercial introduction course
 to friends and colleagues when its ready.

 ...Jem Mawson, Sept 2005


I found it interesting that how slight changes affect extraction of the coffee. I would tell the others how the hosts created a non-intimidating and friendly environment. I have found the course very educational, informative and stimulating. Learning about how coffee is made from a commercial espresso machine has filled in the gaps of my coffee knowledge, and I can explain why coffee has been poorly made. I knew and could distinguish between what is good or bad coffee, now I know what need to be done to make a good cup of coffee.

...Steven Wong, Melbourne


The Information & Presentation is brilliant. This class will be imperative to the running of our business. Time and money is very well spent. The best!
                                            … Andrew Lowden, Raphysody Cafe, Docklands


I learnt a great deal. It will inform my decisions greatly in upgrading my machine.                                                          … John Anderson

 I'm just sitting here in Beachburg Ontario Canada drinking a tasty cup of
Doka Estate house blend dark roast Costa Rican coffee!!!

I spent quite a few days drinking your coffee and reading at your awesome
coffee shop. I was in Melbourne last year at this time, for just over 2
months. I first met you in the market (festival stand) and attended one of your awesome
coffee courses!! I learned alot , thanks Rick.

Well I'm definatly missing Australia especially Melbourne, hope to make it
back to your shop someday. Thanks for all the homebarista emails.
Take care,Ben Shillington, Canada

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From: sakura_saku_175@yahoo.co.jp

To: barista@homebarista.com.au

Sent: Sunday, October 18, 2009 12:17 PM

Subject: Thank you for the lovely class!! Ai KANAMORI


Dear Team HBI,


Thank you for the lovely class!

It was absolutely beyond expectation.


I think there are not so many courses including about the history, beans and so on.

So I thought they must be real coffee lovers.

I really want to know anything about coffee.

So I thought it was for me!! That’s why I asked you to join.


I was a bit concerned about my English but all words Rita used were not so difficult and you two listened my English patiently. That attitude made me so comfortable.

It set me free and I talked much about my private worries(about job).

I really appreciated you listened them in spite of the class finished. 


I love coffee so much and visited many cafes up to now.

For me, HBI is the best café(not only café…place?) for sure.


What is coffee for me?

It’s difficult to say only one word…magic?

I believe it can change feeling(or more…life!)

if a perfect cup served with outstanding customer service.

When coffee gives me unforgettable memories, I feel so happy.

Sometime coffee takes me to those memories, then I realize I can love coffee more.


I have many memories like that and one of them is HBI.

I’ve already told the story but I want to retell.

One day I got lost on the way my hostel with a massive backpack.

I was exhausted and it started raining…I felt like having a break and I wanted a kind person to ask the way. Then I found your place, HBI.

A kind man made a Latte with a perfect tree art for me.

The next instant I forgot my fatigue and took a photo of the perfect Latte.

I never forget his smile saying “It’s worth of taking a photo, isn’t it?” and

how warm it was. (Of course I could ask the way without hesitation.)

When I hear the words Melbourne and Coffee, I remember time at HBI on the day first.


So I had decided to come back to HBI first when I arrived at Melbourne.

You all still welcomed me with lovely coffee and smiles!!

Actually I felt a bit nervous then because I knew

my object in Melbourne (=to get a job at a cafe) will take a long time to come true.

But your welcoming reassured me. I got one more lovely memory.


And this time. I had no idea what should I do, how should I think about a job.

Do I need to give up? But I love coffee…before long the energy was getting less and less.

Most of ads said “Experienced (more than 2 years)” “Speak fluently” etc. 

I felt what all I have, what I can be proud of is…love and passion for coffee.

Does anyone need it? Who give me a chance to tell?

Doesn’t it have any meanings?


…But HBI has it. That’s why I felt warmth of the Latte on the first day.

The attitude to share a delight of coffee with all coffee lovers,

I think that is the love and passion!

I realized that’s the reason I can love HBI.

I don’t create a cup of coffee without it.

There is a cup with love and passion only I can create.

Love and passion are essential for a perfect cup.

That was what I learnt today. Thank you so much!!


I nearly got lost on the way my dream. I thought I don’t want to give up again.

Every time I visited your place, I got a special memory.

Your place is rare and absolutely special for me. I’m a fan forever!!


Attraction of coffee is deep deep world. (I think it’s bottomless!)

I’m sure I never be tired of it, I never feel I can master it.

So coffee makes me always excited!

I keep learning with unfailing interest.

Let’s love coffee together♥♥

Thank you for reading it! (I know it’s too long but I…love too much?)


Warm regards,

Ai KANAMORI (in the class on 17th of Oct.)

From: Clerk

To: barista@homebarista.com.au

Sent: Thursday, July 01, 2010 10:12 AM

Subject: Feedback: Queen Street Cafe

"Hi there,

Just wanted to give you guys some feedback on the Queen Street store (near corner of Flinders Lane).

1.                 Coffee is AMAZING.

2.                  Staff are ridiculously friendly.

3.                 The barista who often wears a grey knitted beanie shocked me when she multi-tasked and actually acknowledged that I walked in to the café whilst she was making coffees. I don’t think this happens that often.

4.                  I ordered 5 coffees one day and the girls got every single one of them right (whilst it may not sound difficult, it rarely happens).

So… basically, I am just so happy that I’ve found you guys… I mean, it’s hard to find GOOD coffee and really friendly service.  I’ve probably only been in 3 or 4 times so far in the last 10 days… but my GOD, I actually feel welcome when I walk in. I actually wanted to write an email after the FIRST time I walked in, that’s how much of a good impression your business made on me!


Todd Hockley

Law Clerk"


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